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Contract Packing

Ultrapak is your complete contract packing specialist.

With over 30 years of experience, Ultrapak takes the hassle away from you, so you can focus on what is really important for your business to grow.

We work in partnership with our customers to ensure their projects are completed at a competitive rate, within schedule and with quality and service always at the forefront.

Our range of services include manual processes, machine assembly, packing and finishing solutions. 

Our experienced team can facilitate

From short-term, to high volume fulfilments, Ultrapak has both the speciality equipment and staffing experience to handle varying degrees of the contract packing process.

Ultrapak also operates a large cleanroom facility, providing packing & assembly services in a controlled environment operating under an ISO and HACCP management system- delivering dependable quality and exemplary standards to our customers. 

Our unique in-house thermoforming, printing and contract packing areas also provide our customers with innovative packing solutions, all managed under the one roof.

Functioning in a controlled environment, with CCTV monitoring 24/7 - Ultrapak guarantees faster turnarounds, quality service and consistency to ensure our customers maintain the competitive edge required to stay ahead of the game!


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